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Danger - Keep Away

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So, hm, hi (?). I don’t know how to begin, pls don’t judge me.
Sooooo… I just wanted to say sorry to everyone who enters here everyday/reblogs almost everything I post/idk because now I don’t use Tumblr as much as I would like to. Nope, I’m not leaving. Just wanted to say that I’m gonna be out until 20th April because I’m gonna stay in Doha (Qatar) for three days and three our four in New York (omfg yay). And I will be in Mühlacker (Germany) from 6th ‘til 13th May. And last but not least, I have a new camera and I will make a lot of photos that I may upload here and I’m thinking about having an Instagram account, hm.
Yeah, this is stupid and pointless and idk I’m super bored in the airport.


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Paramore- Pressure

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did a hayley mv outfits watercolor sketch ;)

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